Science for All

About Science for All

Science for All is a charity that supports everyone in the world to get involved in shaping the future of human knowledge.


An organisation which exists to facilitate the learning, sharing and creation of knowledge. We enable people to share knowledge and ideas, use the scientific method to create new knowledge and support more people to get involved in shaping the future of human knowledge.

What we do

We recognise that many of the challenges facing the planet today do not have solutions which fall into categories such as public health, environmental studies and education. Our aim is to bring together experts from these diverse areas to work in partnership with as many people as possible by using a combination of free face-to-face events in metropolitan and rural areas, as well as online tools.

Where possible, we will work with knowledge-area experts, people from relevant organisations and members of the public to co-create events and learning resources. We run projects such as Campfires & Science.

Where possible we will measure the impact of our actions and use this to create evidence-informed interventions.

Our Values

This is a summary of our values. A full version of them can be found here. We are seeking feedback on these values - please contact or complete our feedback form.

We recognise that knowledge takes many forms - this includes people who are subject area experts, artists, people with traditional, indigenous or local knowledge - and those with big dreams and big ideas.

Our Ways of Working document summarises how we work, and the values that guide that work. We update this document in a collaborative and transparent way every year.

Who are we

Science for All is run by volunteers, with the support of our partner organisations, which include the Royal Society of Victoria.

Anyone can get involved with helping run Science for All and making decisions about our work.

Our organisation is overseen by our Steering Committee, which includes:

We are supported by our team of amazing volunteers and student placements.


We are a charity which is funded by public donations, grants and fee-for services. Everything we do and all our funding sources are reported in the public domain, including STARDIT reports when appropriate.

Our Partners

Science for All is proud to be partnering with Wikimedia Australia, collabourating on the project 'Standardised data on initiatives' (STARDIT), which is hosted on their servers. 


Science for All is proudly supported by The Royal Society of Victoria (Melbourne, Australia), working in partnership to involve people in science.


Science for All and Industry Genomics Network Alliance (InGeNA) work towards a common goal of improving healthcare for all Australians. InGeNA is the industry voice for the future of genomics in Australia. Science for All receives no funding from InGeNA.