What is ‘Science for All’

‘Science for All’ is a not-for-profit organisation that supports everyone in the world to get involved in shaping the future of human knowledge.


An organisation which exists to facilitate the learning, sharing and creation of knowledge. We enable people to share knowledge and ideas, use the scientific method to create new knowledge and support more people to get involved in shaping the future of human knowledge.

What we do

We recognise that many of the challenges facing the planet today do not have solutions which fall into categories such as ‘public health’, ‘environmental studies’ and ‘education’. Our aim is to bring together experts from these diverse areas to work in partnership with as many people as possible by using a combination of free face-to- face events in metropolitan and rural areas, as well as online tools.

Where possible, we will work with knowledge-area experts, people from relevant organisations and members of the public to co-create events and learning resources. We run projects such as ‘Campfires and Science’.

Where possible we will measure the impact of our actions and use this to create evidence-informed interventions.

Our Values

This is a summary of our values. A full version of them can be found here. We are seeking feedback on these values – please contact info@scienceforall.world or complete this form to share feedback.

  • We are not-for-profit – working for all life on earth
  • We value the freedom to ask any question, using the scientific method wherever possible
  • We support the principles of democracy, the ‘rule of law’ and evidence-based policy wherever we can
  • We are transparent and accountable
  • We include everyone we can as best we can in every aspect of our work
  • We know that science means knowledge, and knowledge takes many forms

We recognise that knowledge takes many forms – this includes people who are subject area experts, artists, people with traditional, indigenous or local knowledge – and those with big dreams and big ideas.

Who are we

‘Science for All’ is run by a small team of volunteers, with the support of the Royal Society of Victoria. We are Jack Nunn (Director and founder), Thijs van Vlijmen, Emma Claire, Alicia Dimovski and Kate Ferris. We are supported by a network of volunteers and partner organisations.