Wild DNA

For this project we are training people to collect environmental DNA samples and contribute to improving biodiversity in the Victorian Central Highlands, Australia. Here is a report about this research project.  Sign up to get involved here in any part of this project – or email info@scienceforall.world for more information.

What is the project?

Our dream is to involve the public in collecting data to support evidence-based environmental management. Working with experts, we have trained our volunteers to collect and analyse environmental DNA samples from critically endangered species in the Victorian Central Highlands. We will be looking for Greater Gliders, Leadbeater Possums, a freshwater fish called a Barred Galaxis – and a final species to be decided by the public, in transparent consultation with experts. This knowledge will help inform evidence-based management of natural heritage and help preserve Victoria’s unique biodiversity.

We have run free events in Marysville, Heallesville and Toolangi, training local people how to collect environmental DNA samples. All learning from this project will be shared publicly, open access, for free.

Learn more about the project here and get involved in every aspect of the research here.

Campfires and Science

‘Campfires and Science’ is a new and growing community of people who head outdoors, light a campfire, and share knowledge. We lead regular trips into the wilderness to support scientific research and provide hands-on learning about how to do research.

Anyone can contribute to science, whatever your age or experience. Observation and data collection is the core of the scientific method. Some of the simple research we do is survey work, looking at what is there. We are also leading a new exciting project to use environmental DNA to look for which critically endangered animals are living in certain areas.

This work can have an amazing impact — helping understand how to protect threatened habitats and unique biodiversity, ensuring it remains with us for generations to come. Learn more about it here and how you can get involved.

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Campfires and Science in Brimbank

Science for All has been awarded a grant of $7500 from the Brimbank City Council to run ‘Campfires and Science’ events in 2020 in the Brimbank area of Victoria, Australia.

We’re running the entire project in a transparent way, using public discussion forums and meetings. If you’d like to be involved in helping us shape this project, you can get involved here or contact info@scienceforall.world

Future projects

We’ve got lots of big dreams here at ‘Science for All’ – if you have some of your own or want to get involved with helping shape ours get in touch at info@scienceforall.world

‘Science for All’ has plans to run many projects in the future. With all of our projects, the central value is including and involving people in every stage of the work. Everyone is welcome to be involved, including suggesting ideas for projects, helping with the design, implementation, management, analysis or sharing knowledge learned. We need people with diverse expertise and knowledge – and recognise that this take many forms. This includes people who are subject area experts, people with traditional, indigenous or local knowledge – and those with big dreams and big ideas. We are developing a way of having these conversations in an open and transparent way – with more information to follow.

Current projects in planning include:

  • Wild Restoration: Developing evidence informed restoration methods, using DNA, drone, technology and traditional knowledge
  • Wild Fungi: Working with the restoration project to understand what a ‘healthy’ fungi eco-system looks like
  • Teaching people the basics of safe, responsible CRISPR gene editing
  • Surveying and identifying fungi using DNA
  • Open Musical Instrument project
  • Decentralised Universal Archive
  • Co-creating a universal curriculum – supporting everyone in the world to understand human and environmental rights