Standardised Data on Initiatives – STARDIT: Beta Version

The Beta version of ‘Standardised Data on Initiatives’ (STARDIT) is ready for feedback. Learn more about STARDIT here: ScienceForAll.World/STARDIT

Anyone can give feedback on the Beta version of STARDIT. It can be completed anonymously if preferable or you can provide enough information to become a co-author, or named in the acknowledgements as a supporter or contributor.

You can give feedback by completing the form below.

A PDF pre-print of the STARDIT Beta version can be found here:

Additional ways of giving feedback are included in the form below, including commenting on and suggesting edits on this public version of the document. Please note you must complete the form below in order to be acknowledged in the submitted manuscript.

If you do not wish to use the online form or public document, you can provide comments via email to Info@ScienceforAll.World

The deadline for feedback on this version has been extended to 25th March 2021.

This report summarises the co-design process so far:

For more information about this project, including links to online discussion forums and the Alpha version pre-print go to: ScienceForAll.World/STARDIT