Standardised Data on Initiatives – STARDIT: Beta Version

The feedback period for the Beta version of ‘Standardised Data on Initiatives’ (STARDIT) has now ended, an article describing the Beta version is now being prepared for publication and peer-review.

A working Beta version of the STARDIT report completion tool can be found here:

Create or edit a STARDIT report

Operating instructions

  1. A STARDIT report is created by completing a simple online form (please note you will need to create a Wikispore account to save your report)
  2. Create or search for a report by typing in the name of your report, and hit ‘create or edit’
  3. Data that can then be added includes information about an initiative including the title (description), the aims, methods, who was involved, how it was funded and any impacts or outcomes
  4. Complete all the data fields and then hit ‘save page’ at the bottom of the page
  5. Once submitted, Editors will check the data the STARDIT report will be entered into the database.
  6. The STARDIT report is then findable and editable by anyone.

Learn more about STARDIT here: ScienceForAll.World/STARDIT